Apple Car and Apple Watch Thoughts

by Scott Lough in

Apple Car

It's been interesting to see reports trickle out from the press. One, by one, by one they came out. Reportely a year ago, Tim Cook gave the green light (and a massive budget) to build a team of people of at least 100 deep to start work on an electric Apple Car. In the past year, there's solid evidence Apple has been poaching talent from Tesla, car battery companies and the rest of the automotive industry. It's become more and more clear Apple is pretty serious about this.

Lots of people are asking - why would Apple build a car? Sure, more revenue streams are great. Applying Apple's ecosystem and design concepts to a car would be awesome, I don't doubt that. But there's another reason not many people are talking about it and I think it's the main reason why Apple is and will build an electric car and have it on the street in 7-10 years. Apple cares deeply about sustainability and environmental responsibility. In Apple's own words, on their in-depth Environmental Responsibility page on their site:

"We strive to create products that are the best they can be in every way. Products that are beautiful, easy to use and powerful. And the same passion for innovation goes into how we think about environmental responsibility. It's why we work tirelessly to reduce our impact on climate change, find ways to use greener materials and conserve the resources we all need to thrive. And while we're proud of the progress we've made, we know we can still do better. It won't all happen overnight. But we can work to get better every day."

Tim Cook even narrates a video on environmental responsibility. They have whole pages on climate change, toxins and finite resources, and all of the work they are doing to be environmentally responsible. I think Steve Jobs took environmental responsibility seriously, but I think Tim Cook takes environmental responsibility REALLY seriously.

If Apple is able to help push the electric vehicle into the mainstream in the next 20 to 30 years and greatly reduce worldwide tailpipe GHG emissions, the Apple Car could be the most important product Apple has ever done - and this is something Apple is really interested in pursuing long term. I think Apple looks at this IHS chart of projected vehicle powertrain types to year 2040 and says, "I think we can do better. That light green bar should be bigger than that in 25 years. Let's do something about it."

Car Powertrain Projection

Elon Musk and Tesla have been saying this exact thing for many years. They have been doing amazing work in this space and have huge lead over Apple right now (although sometimes I feel Tesla prioritize speed and acceleration a little too much over actually making cars... where is that Model X, Elon?) Pushing electric vehicles into the mainstream worldwide is going to require many companies focused on this goal and competing with each other to push each other on price, performance and vehicle classes. No one company can do it alone. There's a group of companies working towards it already and Apple wants in. I believe this is something Apple really cares about and they think they can really help this effort. They're thinking long term and going for it. And having $173 billion (and growing) in the bank sure helps. We'll see.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch intrigues me for a variety of reasons but it's the anticipated convenience that attracts me the most. We all hate being the guy who is in the middle of a conversation or at dinner or watching a presentation, and we feel a buzz in the pocket and want to take a glance at our phone to see what's going on. Most of the time it's nothing you need to act on at that moment and then you realize you look like a douchebag pulling out your phone only to see it's a notification that isn't really important at all - like TheScore app telling you the Flames recalled an AHL player. I see the Apple Watch being a huge help in these situations. A quick glance at the wrist - ok, it's nothing, back to the conversation. Apple Watch mainly for glances, iPhone for taking action on any notifications when you have to. The Apple Watch will greatly reduce the amount of times you dig your phone out of your pocket or purse. There are plenty of other Apple Watch features that appeal to me, but being able to see what's going on with a quick, convenient and non-intrusive glance at my wrist - that's my most anticipated feature. 

It's very obvious Apple has gone full blown - this is a fashion item, not a smart watch. A different approach than most other smart watches. There's good and bad to this and the bad will mostly be that massive hole in your bank account because these things won't be cheap. 

High-end watches are expected to last over 30 years - they could be heirlooms in families. How long until the first-generation Apple Watch is out-dated? We all know future Apple Watches will be thinner, more powerful and have more sensors so do you really want to price this thing comparable to a high-end watch or even a Rolex? Based on some rumors, they will be pricing this thing very high. Today, Apple announced they will hold an event on March 9th where they will no doubt release all the pricing information and launch details about the Apple Watch. But right now, we know that the base aluminium model (most likely the smaller 38mm version), will be $349 USD. That'll most likely come with a sport band, the least expensive of all the bands. Of course, you'll want more bands and those metallic ones (milanese and link), don't look cheap. How much will the stainless steel one cost? Could it cost $1,000? How much will the solid 18k gold Apple Watch Edition cost? This is the grand daddy of them all and will obviously be marketed towards people with deep pockets and an expensive taste in fashion. Consensus is that it could cost upwards of $10,000. Yikes. 

Apple has never had that much spread in the cost of a device between versions. Not even close. We're in uncharted territory here and it'll be very interesting to see how it plays out. Is Tim Cook really going to go on stage and say this version of our Apple Watch will cost $10,000? How will he justify that? "It's solid gold, baby!" I'm very interested to see. 

And lastly, for fun, I'm going to guess the prices of all the Apple Watches and bands. We'll see how I do on March 9th. Below are my guesses in USD. I'll assume all watches come with a sport band and you have to buy additional bands separately.

Apple Watch Sport 38 mm - $349 (we know this already)
Apple Watch Sport 42mm - $399
Apple Watch 38mm - $699
Apple Watch 42mm - $799
Apple Watch Edition 38mm - $6,999
Apple Watch Edition 42mm - $8,999

Sport Band - $79
Classic Buckle - $99
Milanese Loop - $169
Modern Buckle - $199
Leather Loop - $199
Link Bracelet - $249

500k Row Challenge

by Scott Lough

The Goal

In an effort to recommit myself to improving my fitness, I’m going to set myself a goal for the next 365 days. My goal is to row 500,000m (indoors) between August 1st, 2014 and July 31, 2015. I first got this idea when I heard that Rich Froning, 4-time CrossFit Games Champion, set out a goal of rowing 1,000,000m in 2014. I did the math and knowing I don’t work out for a living like Rich, I knew that 1,000,000m was not very reasonable. So I took Froning’s goal and cut it in half. I think that’s more reasonable for me.

Why Is It A Reasonable Goal?

  1. I’m lucky in that I have access to Concept2 rowers at all places in my day to day life. I have a Concept2 at home, there’s an old school original Concept rower at the gym at work and there are Concept2 rowers at the gym where I drop into here and there (CrossFit Calgary). With all this access to rowers, I should be able to be on a rower every day of the year with exception to the days I am away for vacation and rest days.
  2. I feel it’s unlikely I’ll get injured rowing 500k. In my experience, I’ve never been injured from rowing and I feel it’s a fairly low risk task from an injury perspective. I was even able to row lightly after a few weeks after spraining my ankle badly while playing basketball and I could barely walk at that time. If this goal was to run 500k in the next year, it would definitely not be attainable for me as I injure very easily while running[1]. Obviously, I’d like to stay healthy while trying to attain this goal.
  3. It’s not a lot of time on a rower. I figure that I’ll be on the rower for 300 of the 365 days in the year (approx 30 days of vacation out of town and 35 rest days), that means I’ll need to row at least 1,666m per day on the rower. At a fairly leasure pace of 2:00m/500m, I could do that in under 7 minutes. That may not sound that bad but if you’ve ever been on a rower keeping a sub 2:00m/500m pace for 2k or longer, you know that it can get pretty uncomfortable.
  4. Lastly, I don’t mind rowing. Some people hate it because, let’s face it, it can crush you.[2] But I like getting lost in the movement, listening to some music or a podcast and trying to be the most efficient with my strokes. I’m definitely not the strongest or faster rower but I feel like I can go hard, get completely exhausted and stay injury free while doing it.

An Added Wrinkle

I feel like anyone could obtain this goal by just spending a lot of time on the rower and rowing at a slow pace. Sure, you’ll obtain the goal but you won’t be pushing yourself much. I intend to push myself while obtaining this goal which why I added the following wrinkle to this challenge - at least 50% of the 500k needs to be rowed either for time or as a part of a workout. By doing this, I know I’ll be pushing hard in at least 250,000m of my goal. I’ll keep track of my PRs in the 500m, 1000m, 2000m, 3000m and 5000m[3]. Will my times get better as the year goes by? We’ll see I guess.

What Will This Do For Me?

Will this make me a fitter person? Will I lose weight? I really have no idea. I think there are a lot of other variables besides rowing a lot that goes into answering those questions. I just want an attainable goal that I can work towards and we’ll see what the results will be. Rowing will just be the foundation of my workouts as I still intend to do a lot of CrossFit-style workouts on top of my rowing and also, I’ll play hockey in the winter and baseball in the summer. And yes, I’ll still drink a lot of beer and eat pizza.

How Will I Track My Progress?

I will track my progress honestly through a public Google Spreasheet that I put together. In the spreadsheet, I will log each day I row and if I was rowing as part of a workout, for time or a cool down row (at a slow pace). Using that, I can calculate the running percentage of rowing that I’m doing for time or as part as a workout so I can keep it above 50%. I’ll also keep track of my PRs in the same spreadsheet. If you’d like to follow my progress, I’ve embedded the spreadsheet below or you can see it here.

  1. Shin splints start hurting after 2–3k, then knees after 5–8k and then my hip flexers in the 10–15k. In the 10–15k range, my pace is so terribly slow because of my injuries, not because I’m tired, then I’m a wreck after. I know this would probably get better if I ran more but I would have to go through a lot of pain and recovery.  ↩

  2. Don’t believe me? Row 2k as fast as you can and reconsider as you lay on the ground in a pool of sweat.  ↩

  3. I have some good 500/1000/2000 PRs from a year or two ago when I was in better shape but I’m going to reset and retest my PRs so I can better gauge my improvement throughout the year.  ↩

Super Bowl XLVIII Pool

by Scott Lough

Just like last year, I’ve updated my Super Bowl Pool for this Sunday’s match up of the Denver Broncos against the Seattle Seahawks at Met Life Stadium in New Jersey. Let’s recap my Super Bowl Pool rules that I listed on last year’s post:

  1. Print off many copies for your party.
  2. $10 per entry (this can be adjusted as necessary). Only one entry per person. It gets too hard to mark if there are multiple entries per person. And it’s less fun.
  3. Have your party-goers show up 15 minutes before kickoff to fill out their questions.
  4. Each question or prop bet is assigned a point value. Throughout the game, the questions will be answered. Pay attention! Having a computer or smartphone handy with the game stats helps.
  5. Mark your own sheet (or trade with a friend for validity) as the game goes along. It’s not very time consuming. You’ll still have plenty of times to crush those nacho chips and yell at Peyton Manning.
  6. The highest point total wins. Total points guess is the tie-breaker. Divide the money as you’d like. Typically the top 2 are in the money.

In addition to the standard football props (spread, passing yards, rushing yards, MVP), here is an example of a few of the non-football prop bets I threw in this year:
- What will be the first commercial after kickoff? (Beer or Non-Beer)
- Will Bruno Mars wear a fedora at any time during his half-time performance? (Fedora or No Fedora)
- Will any member of the Red Hot Chili Peppers be shirtless during their half-time performance? (Yes or No)

I’ve attached both the PDF and Excel versions of my pool below. Feel free to download the Excel one and tweak it to your desire or download the PDF one, print off copies and be ready for the big game. Enjoy!

2014 Super Bowl Pool (PDF Version)

2014 Super Bowl Pool (Excel Version)

My Top 5s of 2013

by Scott Lough

I usually enjoy writing a bit about my favorite things at the end of each year. I’m switching it up a bit and going with a “top 5” format. Here we go. Some comments in the cool, clickable footnotes.

Top 5 Albums of 2013

  1. Kanye West - Yeezus [1]
  2. Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires of the City
  3. Arcade Fire - Reflektor [2]
  4. Daft Punk - Random Access Memories [3]
  5. Wale - The Gifted [4]

Top 5 Songs of 2013

  1. Kanye West - Black Skinhead [5]
  2. Serena Ryder - What I Wouldn’t Do [6]
  3. Arcade Fire - Afterlife
  4. JAY Z - Tom Ford [7]
  5. Wale - Vanity

Top 5 Movies of 2013 [8]

  1. Gravity
  2. Captain Phillips [9]
  3. American Hustle [10]
  4. Blackfish [11]
  5. This Is The End [12]

Top 5 TV Shows of 2013 [13]

  1. Breaking Bad (The Final Season) [14]
  2. Hello Ladies (Season 1) [15]
  3. Game of Thrones (Season 3) [16]
  4. Eastbound & Down (Season 4) [17]
  5. Orange Is The New Black (Season 1) [18]

Top 5 iOS Apps of 2013 [19]

  1. Tweetbot 3 [20]
  2. Fantastical 2 [21]
  3. Heads Up! [22]
  4. Castro [23]
  5. Super Stickman Golf 2

  1. I don’t care if he’s a jerk. Yeezus is one of the most unique and special albums from mainstream music in the past 5 years. It took 5 listens to unravel all the craziness, 10 listens to understand and 30 listens to appreciate.  ↩

  2. Definitely not as good as The Suburbs, but plenty great nonetheless. I thought Arcade Fire’s promo build up to the album was just out of control and ridiculous. Hey Arcade Fire, take a cue from BeyoncĂ©.  ↩

  3. Yes, Get Lucky was played a billion times over the summer but I still really enjoyed the album as a whole. Touch, Doin’ it Right and Contact were great songs lost in the oversell of the lead single.  ↩

  4. This album got some great cred in the hip-hop community but didn’t break ground in pop culture. Why not? It was fantastic.  ↩

  5. Find a great audio set up or headphones and blast this song. If you can’t forget the world and just rock out, then something is wrong with you as a person.  ↩

  6. I know, I know. The album came out in 2012 but to my defense, this single was released in 2013. It’s the ultimate sing in the shower or car song. Just a great jam by a good Canadian gal.  ↩

  7. I don’t pop Molly, I rock Tom Ford Banana Republic.  ↩

  8. I saw a lot of decent/good movies this year, but only a few blew me away. I don’t know if my expectations are just too high or if it was just a year with a lot of B movies and not as many A+ movies.  ↩

  9. There couldn’t be too different movies as 1 and 2. Both great. I gave the slight edge to Gravity on degree of difficulty.  ↩

  10. Funny story. I saw this movie in the theaters and the audio crapped out near the end. I still got the just of it, but it dampered my experience. Anyway, great movie with some amazing performances.  ↩

  11. Eye opening and well put together. Do I take my kids to Sea World? That question just got a lot tougher for me.  ↩

  12. Yeah, overall, kind of dumb. But you can’t deny the hilarious first 20 minutes, Danny McBride’s entrance, the “magazine scene” and the ending. An enjoyable movie experience.  ↩

  13. SO MUCH good TV this year. I could have easily put together a top 10 list with all quality shows. Honorable mention to Boardwalk Empire (S4), House of Cards and a somewhat comeback year for The Walking Dead. In last place, Dexter (I think it was season 42, but I’m not sure).  ↩

  14. The best series on TV ended with a spectacular last season and took a hold of pop culture unlike anything we’ve seen before. Standing O for Vince Gilligan and crew.  ↩

  15. I missed the start of the season but thanks to a clutch recommendation by my buddy Matt, I caught onto the show and loved it. Hello Ladies filled HBO’s schedule and comedy gap by the absense of Curb, and it filled it well. Similar paranoia/awkward humor as Curb, but in a younger setting and with more heart. Keep it rollin’ Stephen Merchant!  ↩

  16. Not available on iTunes until mid-February thanks to HBO’s piracy-inducing and ridiculous policies. Why doesn’t HBO just point people to torrent search engines instead of making their shows available almost a year after their release? Isn’t that the same thing? Or I guess cord cutters could just get HBO? And therein lies the great debate of the 2010s and beyond. Who cracks, HBO or cord cutters? Stay tuned.  ↩

  17. Sorry, more of this HBO thing. So riddle me this HBO, it takes Game of Thrones 10 months to be released on iTunes/blu-ray but you release the final season of Eastbound and Down on iTunes right after it airs? So it’s a show by show policy and not an HBO-wide policy? Or did you just test the market with Eastbound and Down and not tell anyone? You confuse me HBO.  ↩

  18. WHOA, here comes Netflix! Hear that sound? That was the sound of HBO shitting their pants.  ↩

  19. The fresh coat of paint on iOS with iOS 7 provided developers a chance to completely rethink their apps and come out with some great stuff. Whatever you think of iOS 7, the new APIs and new look was a breath of fresh airs in is the iOS app world.  ↩

  20. The best Twitter app got even better with a meticulous iOS 7 update. Ok, now where’s the iPad version?  ↩

  21. One downer of iOS 7 was that Apple totally messed up the Calendar app. In walked Fantastical 2 to fix that problem. Thanks Flexibits!  ↩

  22. A simple concept provides great family fun, especially during the holiday season.  ↩

  23. While most iOS podcast apps keep adding unnecessary features and muddle their interface, Castro strolls in with a simple, clean interface to enjoy your latest podcasts. Speaking of podcasts, shout out to Grantland for pumping out quality sports and pop culture popcasts at a ridiculous clip all year. Nice work Bill Simmons and crew on a great 2013!  ↩

iOS 7

by Scott Lough

Apple is releasing its new mobile operating system, iOS 7, this week and while many of the prior yearly iOS iterations have been noteworthy in their features, this year's release is the first drastic redesign in terms of the look and feel of the entire OS. I'm not a designer, user interface expert or typographer so I won't be able to provide expert insight on the design and stylistic choices (read about that here, here and here). I'm also not going to go into every feature change as Apple has laid that out nicely on their website.

What I'll do is just go through a few bullet point notes that I noticed while using iOS 7 over the last few days. Some are nice touches and others are design choices that I think may raise some confusion. Here are my thoughts: 

  • The new lock screen is fantastic. The clarity and elegance of the Helvetica Neue font jumps right out at you from the time display. I love how screen now fades in and out when waking the display or letting the display sleep. The four options (unlock, notification centre, command centre and camera) are shown clearly. Even in my first few days of use, I've found command centre quite handy. I suspect all other users will agree it is a welcome and overdue addition to iOS. 
  • Speaking of the lock screen, I've noticed that when playing audio and the screen is locked, controls are now shown (and active) in the lock screen. Previously in iOS 6, you had to double tap home to bring up the controls to change a song for example. A subtle, but nice touch. 
  • The transitions. Oh, the transitions. I always thought the animated transitions in iOS 6 were good. Forget that. This whole OS feels so fluid, elegant and alive. Think of layers upon layers. It's as if the home screen is the main layer. If you swipe for the top or bottom to reveal notification centre or command centre, then that's the top layer. If you open an app, it's as if you are "zooming in" to that app revealing its world. If your app is in a folder, that folder acts as a middle layer between the "zoomed in" app and the main layer of the home screen. It's all gorgeous and seamless. Really brilliant stuff by Jony Ive and crew. It's weird at first, but then it all makes sense. 
  • The new camera design. Hmmm, I have gripes here. I like the addition of filters and square pictures but it's hard to tell if you're in portrait or landscape when rotating. A few icons rotate but the main video/photo/square/pano control stays portrait when you turn to landscape. It's a tad confusing and makes it weird when trying to switch between these controls in landscape mode.  Also, it's hard to tell that you've taken a photo. In iOS 6, there was a definite animation that a photo was taken, however, now it's just a very quick, short darkening of the viewfinder to show that the picture has taken. I notice it but I could see a lot of people hammering on the shutter many times not realizing 10 pictures have been taken. And lastly, the shutter button function itself has changed. When I took pictures in iOS 6, I would touch and hold the shutter then release when I wanted to take the picture. I found this the best way to get good pictures because the phone shakes (even slightly) when you tap on the shutter. It shakes less when you just release it. Of course, you're more likely to get a better picture (especially in low light) if there is less shaking. Well, you can't do that anymore. If you tap and hold the shutter, it's going to continually take pictures upon pictures, almost like a 'burst mode' on a camera. So I guess it's back to the 'tap gently' method.
  • The new Photos app is fantastic. Sorting pictures by location and time in 'Collections' works great. Editing is really easy and fun. Shared Photostreams are now truly Shared Photostreams. Finally. Now other iOS users can add photos to one photostream and share the pictures between them. It's not just one guy creating a photostream and sharing it to people. This should be have been put in place last year. But at least we have it now.
  • The skeuomorphic designs are gonzo (yipee!). No more yellow note pads in Notes or green felt in GameCenter. Good riddance. Notes and Reminders are now very clean apps. Content first, nice transitions, no distractions and a palette of beautiful colors. I like it. Speaking of the death of skeuomorphic, where's our update to "Find Friends"? It's skeuomorphism at its worst (but a handy app).
  • FaceTime is now a separate app. This is a good thing. It was always confusing having a FaceTime app on the iPad but not on the iPhone. 
  • The new weather app is nice. It stacks your locations and shows the current time at each location. Nice. When you drill down into a location, you get a clean hourly and 5-day forecast. 
  • You can put more than 9 apps in a freaking folder! Hallelujah. Now I won't have "Games", "Games 1", "Games 2" and "Games 3" folders. They can all go in one folder. This makes me happy. Also, I have a lot of games.
  • I'm struggling with the new Calendars app. In iOS 6, I liked just clicking on a date and showing what events I had on that date, all while staying in that month display. Now, instead, I click on a date and it drlls down into that date and show me a timeline, except, I can only see a few hours of that timeline because the whole day doesn't fit on the screen. Frustrating. However, I like the week view when rotating to landscape.

I could go on and on. I could go on about how the new Music app is great or how Maps is improved, how Mail looks fresh or how great the new multitasking interface is but I think I'll end it here. Overall, I really like it. There's a few quirks that I don't like but I'll get over those. Most importantly, I find the new look completely refreshing. As if I jumped in a cold lake on a hot day. That feeling. Well, at least for me anyway.


Tough Mudder

by Scott Lough

In June 2013, I ran an 18K obstacle course called Tough Mudder with two great friends. We made a trip out to Whistler to run it and had a great time. We trained for it by doing mostly CrossFit workouts and a few trail runs. Besides a few cramps and tight hip flexors, we all made it through just fine. We had a blast. I wore a GoPro on my head. Here's some footage from the race:

The Big Island of Hawai'i - Diving Mecca

by Scott Lough

Just returned from a fantastic trip to the Big Island of Hawai'i which included relaxing, freediving with dolphins, SCUBA diving with manta rays and a few great hikes.  

As far as underwater capture, I wanted to focus more on video on this trip. I got a new video rig inspired by the underwater GoPro ninja and YouTube user martcerv. He has lots of experience using a GoPro underwater and using his tips and techniques, I was able to capture some great video with a fairly inexpensive rig (well, in underwater photography terms). My rig consisted of:

  • GoPro Hero 3 (Black Edition)
  • Two SOLA 500 Photo Lights on Locline Arms
  • SRP Tray
  • BlurFix 3 SO with CYD Dome Filter


The Rig

I captured over two hours of footage. For most of the trip (as recommended by martcerv), I used the ProTune WB raw setting on the GoPro Hero 3 which lets you set the white balance in post-processing. This makes for some excellent colors but adds significant time to the editing process. I'm doing all that now and I'll eventually chop my two hours down to something manageable. I think I got some really good stuff and it should be an action packed little video. For now, I'll leave you with a mini-preview featuring a few buddies we met off the coast of Kona.

Super Bowl XLVII Pool

by Scott Lough

The Super Bowl is a culmination of a glorious NFL season full of pick 'em pools, fantasy leagues and playoff pools. It only makes sense to add a cherry on top with a Super Bowl Pool. Let's be honest, sometime the game kinda sucks. We've had a pretty good run lately, but that's bound to end at some point. Remember XXXVII (Tampa v Oakland) and XXXV (Baltimore v New York)? Yeah, not so good.

But with a great Super Bowl pool, it won't matter how close the game is. Throw in some legitimate bets (spread, O/U), add some game prop bets (QB passing yards, RB rushing yards, MVP) and then add some fun props (anthem time, halftime related, gatorade bath color), come up with a fair point system and voila, it'll be blast regardless of the quality of the game.

I've done this the past five years with my friends and each year it's been tons of fun. Most of the time the winner has little to no football knowledge, which is great because it gets casual football observers interested. And the fun prop bets can turn into heated arguments like last year when we had to pause the TV at the right time and use every pixel on the HDTV to determine if Madonna was indeed wearing fishnet stockings (she was).

Now on to the reason for this post - I've created this year's pool and posted it in the links below. I've posted the PDF version if you want to run with my version of the pool and I've posted the Excel version if you want to tweak my rules and questions (i.e., prop bets). Here are the rules:

  1. Print off many copies for your party
  2. $10 per entry (this can be adjusted as necessary). Only one entry per person. It gets too hard to mark if there are multiple entries per person. And it's less fun.
  3. Have your party-goers show up 15 minutes before kickoff to fill out their questions.
  4. Each question or prop bet is assigned a point value. Throughout the game, the questions will be answered. Pay attention! Having a computer or smartphone handy with the game stats helps.
  5. Mark your own sheet (or trade with a friend for validity) as the game goes along. It's not very time consuming. You'll still have plenty of times to crush those nacho chips and yell at Joe Flacco.
  6. The highest point total wins. Total points guess is the tie-breaker. Divide the money as you'd like. Typically the top 2 are in the money.

It doesn't take long to fill out all the questions and I've made it as easy as possible to mark. I've assigned the point values that make the most sense. For example, the silly prop questions ("Will Jay-Z make an appearance on stage during the half-time show?") is worth a lot less than who you take for the spread. I've tweaked the pool over the years but I'm open to any suggestions on how to improve it. But it's great fun - believe me!

Alright, links are below! This is my gift to the internet. Enjoy the game!

2013 Super Bowl Pool (PDF Version)

2013 Super Bowl Pool (Excel Version)

Gadget Sale/Give-A-Way

by Scott Lough

I will be moving in a few months so I figure now is the time to gather some of my old things around the house (mostly tech toys) that I'm not using anymore and sell them or give them away. The main goal of this is to get rid of this stuff to someone who will use it. Therefore, I have priced these items pretty aggressively. I update my gadgets fairly often so some of this stuff might be very useful for some people. And we recently updated both Macs in our household so I am selling our old Macs, which still work great. I may be willing to ship smaller items if you live away from Calgary.

Please contact me if you're interested. First come, first serve. To the items...

24" iMac (late-2007 model)

Intel Core 2 Duo
2 TB HDD (upgraded to this in Feb 2011)
4GB of RAM
Mountain Lion Installed
Great condition with a fairly new hard drive. A great starter Mac. Wireless keyboard and Magic Mouse included.

PRICE: $500 obo

Gateway 21" Monitor

Plenty of inputs (DVI, component)
Tilts at different angles
Moves up and down
Rotates to portrait mode

PRICE: $50 obo

Dr. Dre Beats Noise Cancelling Headphones

iPhone/iPad mic and button included
Case included
Good, bassy headphones
Solid noise cancelling (requires two AAA batteries)
One earpad doesn't stay on well (could be fixed with glue)
Bought them for $250 four years ago

PRICE: $80

Bose Triport Headphones

Really solid headphones, but quite old (approx 6 years). Bought them for $150 then.
The adjustable piece broke so I had to tape them to one size.

PRICE: Free, take them.

Apple USB Keyboard (Full Length)

Just a keyboard.

PRICE: Free, take it.

USB 2.0 Hub (4 ports)

Doesn't need explaining, it's a powered USB hub.

PRICE: Free, take it